Elementary school threat ruled harmless

'Inappropriate' message written on boys' restroom wall forces school lockdown

Eagle Creek Elementary School was locked down while school officials and Clackamas County Sheriff deputies investigated a message written on a boys' restroom wall last Friday morning.

'It was determined that the writing was threatening in nature, but not to any individual,' wrote Estacada Superintendent Mike Call in a notice to community members on Friday.

The school security officer helped staff and deputies find the student responsible for the message.

'It basically said, 'You're gonna die,'' said Eagle Creek Elementary principal Gary Lewis.

The message was apparently something the student had seen in a movie.

The school went into its lowest lockdown, which means that all students and staff are confined to their rooms while steps are taken to investigate and insure the safety of everyone.

Sheriff's deputies investigated the incident and determined the lockdown could be lifted.

'At no time was anyone in any danger,' Call said. 'The steps taken were purely precautionary. Eagle Creek Elementary continues to be a very safe place to be.'