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The developer of Mountain Park, Mr. Carl Halvorson, said, 'Although administratively it is part of the city of Lake Oswego, Mountain Park is a physical entity, a fully planned 'new town' in the true European sense of that term'.

As you look around at the 700 acres Mountain Park occupies, of which 175 acres remains untouched, I think you will agree his vision has come true.

With our annual meeting approaching on Thursday, March 15, at 7 p.m., our members are now voting on a CAP increase and voting to elect three of our seven directors.

As a current director who is running for a position, here are a few of my comments/observations:

n Update our communications with members. It is better then a year ago, but we must streamline our association Internet site with more on-line request forms, ie work-orders, member requests, etc., pictures of association functions, on-line-surveys, member question of the month. Meetings recorded and available for playback on our Web site (.mp3 files - members should not have to attend a meeting to hear first hand what is happening). It is very inexpensive to communicate via the Internet. The technology is here today. We need a volunteer committee to help.

n Open all meetings to our members, even if just for observation. (Unless we are dealing with a personnel or legal issue) no closed door board meetings or committee meetings. When you volunteer for the association, you should not have to apply, based on education and professional background. The fact that you want to take your time, for free to volunteer, is qualification enough.

n As of this writing, we have no plan, no time line, no idea of cost on what to do with our 10,000-square-foot pool building. The board should come up with a plan, include all options. Top of the list should be talk to the city of Lake Oswego. Based on the letters in the Review, community center on the former Safeco site is unlikely to ever happen. Both the city and Mountain Park could work something out regarding a pool.

n With over 8,000 residents we don't have the neighborhood connection we once did. Create a volunteer position of associate director. This would be like a welcome wagon for new Mountain Park residents and communicate what is happening in their own neighborhood.

n As a member, you own 1/2,700th of the association. Are things being done the way you like it? If not, take a little time to attend meetings, write letters, call a board member. Remember the old phrase 'It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil - become a squeaky wheel.' Get involved.

n Thanks to all the association employees, for their dedicated work over the last two years. A lot of changes and improvements in our customer service. Our recreation center monthly usage is close to levels before our pool closed.

Finally, there are seven enthusiastic people that want to work for you, to help the association make big decisions over the next three years. Please take the time to read about them and vote for three new directors and take a look at the CAP increase proposal. Vote by March 15th or send in your proxy - do it today.

A more detailed video message at my Web site:

Tom Brooks is a resident of Mountain Park in Lake Oswego.

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