Lukus Glenns parents announce intent to sue Tigard, county, police over shooting

The family's lawyer says the police used excessive force in the Sept. 16 death of their son

The parents of Lukus 'Luke' Glenn have filed a letter of intent to sue Washington County, the city of Tigard and the three police officers involved in the shooting death of their 18-year-old son in the early morning hours of Sept. 16. The Glenn's claim that the situation that evening was mishandled by the officers and that the county and city of Tigard have failed to fairly address the questions they have raised concerning the shooting.

The letter filed by the Glenn's attorney, Lawrence K. Peterson, says that the Glenns have suffered emotional and financial injuries as a result of Luke's death.

The shooting occurred following a 9-1-1 call placed by Luke's mother, Hope Glenn, about 3 a.m. Sept. 16, asking for police to come to their Metzger home because her son was 'out of control, busting out windows, and has a knife and was threatening to kill us.' When two Washington County deputies and one Tigard Police officer arrived on the scene they found Luke outside the home, at the corner of the garage, holding a pocketknife.

Police said when they ordered Luke to drop the knife he refused. The Tigard officer fired six beanbag rounds from a shotgun in an attempt to subdue Luke. But police said when that failed, Luke began moving toward the front door of the house. At that point the two deputies opened fire on Luke, hitting him with eight of the 11 rounds fired.

In the letter, Peterson claims the situation was not properly handled. He says the deputies and officer involved in the encounter were not properly trained in crisis intervention and used excessive force in dealing with Luke. He also points out that the Tigard officer had a Taser, but did not use it in trying to subdue Luke.

The letter claims the Glenns were subjected to 'multiple interviews' in the hours after the shooting without having an attorney present, while the officers were conducted two days after the incident with an attorney present.

Following an internal investigation of the incident, Washington County Chief Deputy District Attorney Robert Blesko said in October, 'The shooting of Mr. Glenn, while tragic, was legally justified.'

Neither the county, nor the city of Tigard, have responded to the Glenns' call for a public inquest into the incident.

The Glenns continue to hope that Washington County and the city of Tigard will reverse course and welcome the Glenns' offers to openly and fairly address the issues raised by this tragedy,' Peterson concludes in his letter. 'Given the response received to date, however, the Glenns feel the only avenue left for getting a response to all the unanswered questions, to obtain some redress for the damages caused them, and to pressure the governmental entities involved to make the changes necessary to avoid the recurrence of a similar tragedy, is through a lawsuit.'

The amount of damages the Glenn family is seeking was not mentioned in the letter, but are to be specified in the lawsuit.