Beaverton School Board's Ann Jacks will resign Monday

Longtime board member will join her husband on sailboat journey this month
by: File photo, Beaverton School Board member Ann Jacks plans to resign her position during Monday night's meeting.

Beaverton School Board member Ann Jacks plans to resign her position Monday night.

A letter from Jacks was posted to a Yahoo! math message board Wednesday announcing her intention to resign.

The School Board meeting is at 6 p.m. at Findley Elementary School, 4155 N.W. Saltzman Road.

Jacks wrote that she and husband Ed had purchased a sailboat in Miami and would sail it back to Oregon in a sea journey that could take two months. The trip begins March 21.

'We will also be doing further sailing in the fall and hopefully exploring Mexico next winter as well,' Jacks wrote. 'Therefore I didn't feel I could continue for the next two years in my position.'

Jacks said Thursday that now was the right time to leave so someone could run for her board position in the May 15 election.

'I have a passion for this work and I'll really miss it,' said Jacks, who has been on the board since 1997.

Jacks said she expects to resign Monday unless for some reason she changes her mind before then.

Jacks represents the school district's Zone 4, which includes areas around schools Aloha Park, Cooper Mountain, Errol Hassell, Hazeldale, Kinnaman, Mountain View and Aloha High School.

One of her biggest accomplishments, she said, was pushing for 'no pass, no play,' ' she said.

'I was really instrumental in pushing for a change,' Jacks said.

Under state standards issued by the Oregon Scholastic Activities Association, students cannot accumulate more than four D's or a single F if they want to participate in sports or school activities such as band or choir. In 2001, the Beaverton School Board changed its policy to require that students have a C average with no F's.

Anyone interested in Jacks' board post has until March 15 to file for the May 15 special election. They will be eligible to serve the remainder of Jacks' term, which expires June 30, 2009.

There are four other Beaverton School Board positions open for the May election.

Those who have filed as of Thursday include: Zone 2, Tom Quillin; Zone 3, Priscilla Turner and Narendar B. Sahgal; and Zone 6, Jeffrey Hicks.

No one has filed for the Zone 7 position held by Chuck Meyer.