Gresham's Transportation Division debuted a state-of-the-art traffic signal system Friday, March 9, which includes 11 traffic signals along Burnside Road between Eastman Parkway and Powell Boulevard.

'It's a whole new way of controlling traffic,' said John Dorst, Department of Environmental Services deputy director. 'With this system, the cars determine the time the light is green.'

The traffic signals are designed to 'talk' to each other. The signals continually monitor the amount of traffic on the road and adjust how long the light remains green using real-time traffic conditions based on the number of vehicles, and simultaneously send reports to the other signals.

The traffic signal management system was developed in Australia and is known as Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System, or SCATS.

Gresham is paying for the system with a $1.25 million federal grant and $150,000 in city traffic impact fee matching funds.

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