Remodel of the existing 1979 building at 4101 Kruse Way, using wood accents to build on its straight-lined design.

Amenities include social services for seniors (keeping meals in the First Addition adult community center), two gyms, recreational pool, lap pool, poolside seating, locker rooms, child watch area, catering kitchen, technology area, fitness and exercise rooms, indoor track, outdoor walking paths, plus the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

The cost of $57 million does not include the $20 million cost of purchasing the building of a potential library. Further study of whether to add library services is pending.

Space has been reserved for a library, which could add between $5.4 to $24 million to cost, depending on whether the building is expanded to increase its size.

Operational costs are set to break even, drawing revenues from room and pool rentals for events and parties.

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