Young musician deserves more respect

To the Editor:

This is in reply to Dennis McNish who found it necessary to openly criticize one of Lake Oswego's finest students and a gifted musician in a very public forum.

We are all entitled to our opinions, and Mr. McNish's opinion is that he doesn't particularly care for the National Anthem, nor did he like the way it was performed at a recent basketball game. Did Mr. McNish not hear the wildly enthusiastic applause from the Lake Oswego students and all of the other fans in the gymnasium as they congratulated senior Walker Ray for undertaking this very difficult rendition of our National Anthem? Rather than criticize a student for performing the anthem that Mr. McNish admittedly doesn't care for in a style not to his liking, why not applaud Walker for being the gifted musician that he is, and for mastering this technically very challenging piece?

While he's at it, applaud Walker for being one of Lake Oswego High School's brightest students, a 4.0 student taking Advanced Placement classes, including off campus college level classes this year in the Young Scholars' Program at Reed College. It is no surprise that Ivy League Brown University, where Walker will be attending this fall, recognized Walker's many incredible accomplishments and talents.

Hopefully, Walker's keen sense of humor allows him to laugh off Mr McNish's overly critical comments. Walker deserves a lot more respect than he was afforded by Mr. McNish and his incredibly negative comments.

Evie Fuson

Lake Oswego

Thanks to Open House

participants for attending

On behalf of the Community Center Steering Committee, we want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the more than 250 Lake Oswegans who joined us last Wednesday evening to learn about the committee's work to date and provide many helpful comments. Occasions such as this create an opportunity for substantive public participation and discussion. We will be reviewing your comments and looking for ways to further refine our recommendations in light of your input.

Your thoughtful questions and constructive suggestions are vital to the development of our proposal for a fiscally responsible, environmentally sustainable, multi-generational Community Center. A fourth community-wide public forum is planned for later this spring. Comments and suggestions may also be submitted to the committee via email at any time or comment cards at our regular meetings.

For those unable to attend last week, fact sheets regarding the budget and process, programming, operations, library options, building design, and site design are available on-line at: or by contacting Brant Williams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Once again, thank you for your enthusiastic participation.

Dennis Elliott (chair) and Sandy Leybold (vice-chair)

Community Center Steering Committee

Lake Oswego

Students to help with foundation

To the Editor:

This year, students from Lake Oswego High School have chosen a new hands-on way to help the Lake Oswego School District Foundation raise funds to add teachers and classes back to our schools. These students have directly benefited from additional classes this year and want to make sure that they can do the same next year.

On April 20, LOHS students will work for individual sponsors and businesses, and all wages will be donated to the foundation. Student volunteers will be paid minimum wage for jobs such as office work, yard work, childcare and many more. This effort is being organized by student chairpersons Karli Prettyman, Rachael Urrutia, Leila Jada, Liz Schreyer and Molly Maguire.

If you or your business would like to hire a student, you may contact LOHS Assistant Principal Cindy Schubert ( or log on to the foundation's Web site ( for a sponsor contract and more information.

On the afternoon of April 20, an early dismissal day, look for students, wearing their Community Work Day T-shirts, performing a variety of jobs, with the goal of having more teachers and more classes in their school next year.

Sheri Scrugham

School Captain, Lake Oswego High School

Lake Oswego

Program gets LO Reads boost

To the Editor:

Good things continue to come from last month's 'Lake Oswego Reads' project. If you attended one of the four Spanish-theme weekend events at Graham's Stationery, you saw the large office at the back of the store transformed into a Spanish cave decorated with a stunningly beautiful cave art mural. The mural was created by our local artist Jan Rimerman along with her friends and students, who received community service credit from their school.

When I asked what was going to become of the mural once the project was over, Teri and Paul Graham said they would be happy to donate it to the Lake Oswego Art Literacy program. One of the units that Lake Oswego children study as part of their Art Literacy experience is Stone Age Art. Now we have a wonderful addition to the materials for that unit and every elementary students in the district will have an opportunity to display it.

To all the people who worked hard to make 'Lake Oswego Reads' happen, thank you for an outcome that I'm sure was completely unforeseen. And to Paul and Teri Graham, our heartfelt thanks for your generosity.

Marilyn Katcher

For Lake Oswego Art Literacy

Lake Oswego

'This kid can flat out rock'

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Dennis McNish's critique of the national anthem played at the Lake Oswego High School vs. Gresham game two Saturdays ago.

As an LO graduate and current resident, every participant and spectator at every sporting event has witnessed the anthem, knowing it is subject to personal interpretation, as evidenced by no two performances being performed the same way. That said, I thought the Lake Oswego guitarist's version was spectacular, extremely entertaining, and respectful of the 'original' version. And this kid can flat out rock.

I have heard far more excruciating two or three minute versions of this song that I did not enjoy, but realized again, that this anthem is subject to personal interpretation.

My reaction at its conclusion, darned near misty eyed and extremely energized, was, 'where can I see this kid play again.'

Wally Helm

Lake Oswego

How about a strip mall?

To the Editor:

If John Surrett and Ask Lake Oswegans are as concerned with the good of our community as they claim to be, then it is difficult to believe that they have thought through the ramifications of putting to a vote an initiative that would require the city to sell the former Safeco property within 180 days.

What if, pray tell, no buyer comes forward within that time that would make a positive contribution to the community or that has the funds to pay what the property is worth? Would we then be forced to sell it for a song to someone looking to put in an ugly strip mall and make Lake Grove traffic even worse than it has been since Bridgeport went in? Perhaps we could have our very own, brand-new, gleaming Fantasy Adult Video location right in the heart of Lake Grove, conveniently located near the elementary school.

I invite Mr. Surrett or any other member of ALO to explain how they intend to protect us from such things occurring. In the meantime, please don't destroy our neighborhood to make a point.

Eric E. Meyer

Lake Oswego

Meeting was a disappointment

To the Editor:

The presentation last Thursday, March 8, by Lake Oswego's administration and steering committee for the changes considered for the Safeco building was a disappointment.

Architects gave us a report on how using the existing building might be used, in lieu of tearing it down and building a whole new building. Quite frankly, the new version with the addition makes it look like an industrial building.

Again, individuals were prohibited from asking questions directed to the entire assembly, but told to meet in small groups with pro-Safeco personnel. At our table the steering committee members were quite rude to a local citizen who questioned the need for a community center as a previous poll, taken in February of 2005 by Campbell Delong Resources and paid for by the city of Lake Oswego, showed a lack of interest in it. This steering member said (wrongly) there never was a poll. One steering committee member challenged by saying, 'How could we even hold a meeting like this anywhere except the Safeco Building? The citizen responded 'Why not use city high school gymnasiums?' The steering committee member answered, 'They are tied up all the time and you could not get an open date.'

The new auditorium at Lakeridge High School holds 640 seats and the new auditorium at Lake Oswego High School has 600 plus. Certainly these city-owned facilities could be used with advanced notice.

When other views were brought up the response from the steering committee member was abusive and loud. They talked when they should have been listening.

I am bothered by the city muzzling those who believe differently than they do by not letting them be heard by all those who attend.

Bill Hahorney

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: The auditoriums at Lakeridge and Lake Oswego High Schools are owned by the Lake Oswego School District, not the city of Lake Oswego.

'A donkey is always a donkey'

To the Editor:

The political cartoons depicted in the Review are revealing as well as amusing.

In the March 8 edition, the caricatures are a smug donkey (Democrat), a chagrined elephant (Republican), a crazed hunter and a scholarly mountain lion. Although in the natural world the donkey would be the prey, in the cartoon's political world the donkey is defending the mountain lion's right not to be hunted with dogs (virtually the only method to successfully hunt mountain lions), thereby assuring an ever-growing crop of lions.

In Oregon, the unspoken issue is that we are currently willing to sacrifice a child (small adult) on the altar of the lion gods, before the issue merits our serious attention. Already you've seen mountain lion sightings around school grounds in Sandy, and prized horses have been killed in their stalls in Estacada.

Wake up, urban dwellers, you live in mountain lion habitat.

In addition, the financial plight of Eastern Oregon will continue to deteriorate as mountain lions kill more deer, elk and pronghorn calves. News flash - hunters spend a great deal of capital in the communities where they pursue their sport. The divide between rural Oregon folk and city dwellers could not be more divisive.

The truth of the matter is that few hunters are crazed, not all elephants are chagrined, no mountain lions are scholarly, but a donkey is always a donkey.

Noel R. Wolfe

Lake Oswego

Center plans need to include all interests

To the Editor:

The Steering Committee and BOORA Architects presented an incredible proposal for the new Community Center on March 7 at a public meeting. The plan is obviously a labor of their love and it is beautiful.

This center would most definitely be an asset to our community and add to our property values.

My concern, as a senior and as a member of the 50+ Board, is that senior needs have been altered and/or eliminated in this proposal. Yes, seniors could attend classes and utilize some of the facilities at the proposed center but it seems short sighted not to put 'everything senior' at that location. Instead, the proposal is to retain some of the senior programs and services at the current Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

This is not realistic as the 'young' seniors will never choose to utilize the current facility. The senior segment of our population is the fastest growing demographic in this city. And, the result of the 50+ Dialogue strongly indicated our residents want a multi-generational facility if one is built.

Our city has significant issues (i.e. the lake interceptor, water, etc) to address and it may be very difficult to get all things accomplished at this time. The investment in the Safeco property was a good one even if the manner in which it was obtained is controversial.

Perhaps, it would be best to sit on it until we are able to build a facility to include the needs of all our residents.

Nanci Sloan Cummings

Lake Oswego

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