Search warrants served at suspected pot dispensary business

No arrests made yet as state agencies launch investigation

Investigators from the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team served search warrants Wednesday to owners and residents associated with a suspected marijuana dispensary business in Aloha as part of an ongoing investigation.

Officers served warrants but made no arrests at the 'Wake 'n' Bake Cannabis Lounge' in the 18000 block of Southwest Shaw Street and to residents connected with the operation.

The business, which apparently opened last November, charges a fee to become a club member, and then distributes marijuana to customers, said Sgt. David Thompson, spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives launched the investigation when they became aware the business was selling marijuana, which investigators say is a 'clear violation' of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act and constitutes 'a gross and deliberate violation of Oregon law.' The medical marijuana act permits licensed small-scale marijuana cultivation for personal use by those with certain medical conditions.

Detectives obtained evidence that the crimes of 'distribution and manufacture of marijuana' were being committed by Wake 'n' Bake employees.

Warrants were served at the store, as well as an apartment identified as a 'corporate apartment' for the business in the 17000 block of Northwest Cornell Road in Beaverton, an Aloha residence in the 21000 block of Southwest Jay Street and a Hillsboro residence in the 4500 block of Southeast Teakwood Street.

No arrests were made at the off-site locations.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the district of Oregon, in conjunction with the Washington County District Attorney's Office and Oregon's district attorneys, on June 3 issued a letter stating the sale of marijuana was a violation of both state and federal law and 'would not be tolerated,' as a warning to dispensaries that have opened around the metro area.

As of Tuesday, June 14, Wake 'n' Bake had not heeded the warning and was still open for business, Thompson said.

The search warrant is the first to be served on such a dispensary in Oregon.