Kampa Lane annexation fails by wide margin


Voters overwhelmingly struck down the controversial 22.79-acre Kampa Lane annexation in the March 13 special election.

The Clackamas County Elections Division reported that 773 citizens voted against the proposed annexation - more than 65 percent - and 415 people voted in favor of it. Voter turnout was about 18.5 percent of Sandians registered.

Opponents of the annexation waged a successful information campaign - with letters to the editor, yard signs and fliers - stating that Kampa Lane's lead developer, Joe Spaziani, has a track record of fighting the city's land-use rules and would try to cram as many houses as possible onto the annexed land, bucking the city's minimum lot size requirements.

The other, non-controversial 10.61-acre annexation also failed 63 to 37 percent.

Visit www.co.clackamas.or.us/elections/updates/March2007.htm for the uncertified final count and read the March 21 edition of The Post for the full story and reactions from both sides.