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Despite the denials and cries of distress you may have heard when this first came up several months ago, two mainstays of the P-town gay scene, the Silverado nightclub and the bathhouse above it, now are officially on borrowed time. … Developers who purchased the triangular building at Southwest 12th Avenue and Stark Street two weeks ago are trying to figure out whether to renovate it or tear it down and put up something else. … In the meantime, investor Greg Goodman is quick to point out that neither he nor any of the other investors - nor for that matter, developer Gerding/Edlen, which is managing the project - should be considered owners or operators of either the nightclub or the bathhouse. 'They just lease from us,' he says. Makes sense to me.


Don't know if I can make it myself, but at 6 p.m. this evening at Pioneer Square, those lovable loonies from the Portland Cacophony Society are throwing something called the Brides of March. (Just one day after the Ides of March, in case you're like me and didn't get it at first.) … Anyway, as the e-mailed invitation goes on to say, 'No Grooms Allowed! We don't care if you are George Clooney. If you aren't in a white wedding dress, you aren't coming with us.' … Not that guys aren't welcome too, as long as they comply with the dress code. … The note at the bottom says it's a pub crawl, so please be 21. … Over at KPAM, morning guy Bob Miller has been making fun of the newly hired Portland State football coach Jerry Glanville (age 65), who reportedly will bring along Mouse Davis (age 74) as an assistant. 'Does this mean that after a win the team sneaks up behind them and dumps a big orange cooler of Geritol on their heads?' he asks. … Very funny, Bob. And just for the record, how old are you? … 'Fifty-five,' says Miller, recovering quickly. 'I actually invented the Metamucil mojito.'… Lots of giggles at City Hall over the current state of the campaigns for and against the mayor's plan to replace the current setup with a 'strong mayor' system of government. … Spokesman for keeping things the way they are? Ever-popular former Mayor Bud Clark. … Spokeswoman for the charter changes? Former Neil Goldschmidt operative Patricia McCaig, affectionately known in political circles as the 'Princess of Darkness.' … Then again, she might surprise us all and turn it around by election day.


Maybe we should call it Jim Pepper Weekend. First, two shows featuring a tribute to P-town's late great Native American jazz saxophonist at the Blue Monk, Friday and Saturday. … Then Sunday at the World Forestry Center, Indian dancers to celebrate the 90th birthday of his mother, educator and author Floy Pepper. … Afterward, Jim's horn will be transported to Washington, D.C., and placed in the Smithsonian's new Museum of the American Indian. Yes, he really was that good. … Chief Deputy District Attorney Norm Frink should be pleased to know how many readers responded to his probing questions about Sammy Davis Jr.'s long-ago performances in P-town. … Among them, John Wendeborn, former music critic for the Big O, who interviewed Sammy in 1983. Said Sammy: 'If it hadn't been for the Northwest - two or three places like the Clover Club in Portland - I wouldn't have survived in this business.'… Apparently, clubs back East wouldn't book black acts like the Will Mastin Trio. … But, of course, what Norm wants to know is exactly when Sammy played P-town. All we can do is keep trying.

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