How dare the police try to protect taxpayers

I am so grateful that the free thinking attorney rode to the rescue of several homeless citizens residing on private property near Gresham's Main City Park.

How dare the Gresham police stomp their jackboots and exclude these homeless citizens from our public parks. I'm very offended at even the thought that we can invade on the rights of the homeless to frighten our taxpaying citizens and their children. Our homeless must have their space so they can practice their free speech and share their political views using colorful language unique to the homeless.

I'm also terribly concerned that some of our homeless citizens are excluded from the public library. Many of these folks don't have any other place in which to bathe or exercise their rights to use computers and access pornography sites publicly.

I really hope that our police officers have learned a valuable lesson, and I appreciate The Gresham Outlook for bringing it to our attention.

Larry A Ward


TV show prompts students to help African children

Our seventh-grade class at West Orient Middle School saw an episode of 'The Oprah Winfrey' show on child slaves in the country of Ghana. We decided we wanted to help these kids, so we have collected money to help free the children. We have also gathered various supplies to send to their school. This has been a fun and interesting activity and we would encourage other students in the community to get involved in their own project.

Brady Ramberg

Cameron Pernich

students at West Orient

Middle School


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