Almost 10-story tower to go before planning commission March 21

A national cell phone company wants to erect an almost 10-story tower in Troutdale to provide services to East County customers.

The Troutdale Planning Commission will review Cricket Wireless' plans for the $50,000 structure on Wednesday, March 21.

If approved, the 95-foot tower and radio equipment would be installed next to two 75-foot water towers on land owned by the city of Wood Village. The site at 1255 S.W. 18th Way is 120 feet away from homes to the north. Neighboring residents will be notified of the proposal by mail.

The San Diego-based company recently received federal licenses to provide cell-phone service in the Portland metro area and is in the process of obtaining permits for 200 sites.

Cricket Wireless is building nearly all of its network on existing vertical structures.

The proposed Troutdale location 'is the only site in the network where it has become necessary to install a new monopole tower,' says the company's project description. The outline is in a site and design review application.

Cricket's lease would cover 432 square feet, but the tower foundation and an equipment platform will cover only about half of the allotted space.

The company says that '(a)lthough homes in the area are 30 feet or less in height, the area does have 'vertical clutter.'' The application cites the water towers' girth and says the proposed tower would be less than 10 percent of the tanks' width. It also says the tower would be painted dark brown to allow it to blend in with the area's 70- to 125-foot-tall fir trees.

'This will minimize, to the greatest extent possible, the visual impact of the new monopole,' the application says.

Cricket contends the tower 'will have minimal impact on the value, livability and permissible development of other properties in the surrounding area. After an initial construction period of 30 to 45 days, the only traffic generated will be for occasional maintenance visits, once or twice a month.'

The tower height is the minimum necessary to provide the required coverage and service to customers, the application says.

'A 'line of sight' transmission path is necessary for efficient operation,' it says.

The Planning Commission hearing begins at 7 p.m. at Troutdale City Hall, 104 S.E. Kibling Ave.

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