The long arm of the law catches up with the scofflaw from the Southern Hemisphere in Salem
by: , Janetzki

The Australian chiseler living in Milwaukie who defrauded football fans across the country out of $14,500 by selling six fictitious Super Bowl tickets earlier this year is behind bars - caught up by the same technology he himself used to perpetrate his scam.

Warwick Steven Janetzki, 27, is under arrest in the Clackamas County Jail on 15 counts of computer crime, one count of aggravated theft and two counts of identity theft. He is being held on $340,000 bail.

Janetzki's fraud came to light before the big game, but he managed to elude investigators.

'He went down to Salem, where he was busy at work committing additional computer-related crimes,' said Detective Jim Strovink, public information officer with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

During his sojourn in the state capital, Janetzki met a new girlfriend who would ultimately be his undoing.

'They started dating pretty heavily,' Strovink said. 'He always had a different story about being a pro-sports scout, and eventually it sent up a red flag.'

Troubled, Janetzki's girlfriend went to her father, who decided to do a little investigation of his own.

'The father Googled him, and discovered that he was wanted in Clackamas County,' said Strovink. 'He said, 'Are you still looking for this guy? I know where he is right now.''

Sensing that his luck had turned, Janetzki left his girlfriend's apartment, once again eluding detectives from CCSO.

'He caught wind of it, and he split,' Strovink said. 'When he returned to the apartment six or eight hours later, the Salem Police took him into custody.

'He was using his girlfriend's computer and bank accounts to run the same type of scam as he had been in Clackamas County.'

Strovink credited Janetzki's girlfriend and her father for their sleuthing, which led to his arrest.

'When you get a gut feeling, when your instincts say that something isn't right, it's important to pay attention to that,' he said. 'The father used the same tools this guy was using to identify this individual - and that he wasn't the person he was presenting himself to be.'

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