An acoustic evening

Six local musicians will be featured at the Estacada Library's 'Save it for a Rainy Day' concert April 7

No need for ear plugs at this concert.

On Saturday, April 7, six local musicians will share their unplugged selves as they strum, pick, sing and delve into their innermost thoughts through original lyrics and tunes.

'Save it for a Rainy Day,' an acoustic evening at the Estacada Public Library, will feature Lucas Robinowitz, Jim Cuda, Robby Richey, Kriss Gross, Jason Haskins and Paul Trubachik.

The event is the brainchild of Rhonda Feagle and the Estacada Library Teen Advisory Board.

Feagle, 22, has been a library specialist at the Estacada Library since she was 16. She runs the library's teen program, and in 2005 organized the Teen Advisory Board. The board helped design the teen section at the new library, and is continuing to raise money for materials to add to the collection. The upcoming concert is a fun way to raise funds, and highlight local talent.

This will be the fourth musical event sponsored by the advisory board. The first one was the Battle of the Bands on May 20, 2006. Eleven bands participated. 'It was amazing,' Feagle said. 'We even had a band come all the way from Medford.'

That was followed up by a Halloween concert Oct. 28 at the Springwater Grange, featuring five local bands, which raised approximately $300. 'All of the money we have raised has gone into the teen fund,' Feagle said.

Since the new library opened in August 2006, the teen material checkout has increased. 'It's been astronomical-over 70 percent,' she said.

On Dec. 9 the first acoustic evening was held. Feagle said that although the concerts raise money for the teen fund, the goal of each event is to give local musicians opportunities to perform.

'I'm such a musical person. I go to concerts all the time,' Feagle said, 'so it's so exciting to put on a concert.'

The doors will open to the public at 5 p.m.; food and light refreshments will be served in the lobby area before the concert begins at 6 p.m. in the Flora Community Room.

For more information call the Estacada Library, 503-630-8273.