Police search for suspect, car related to Corbett burglaries


Police are asking residents to be on the lookout for a vehicle and suspect that may be connected to three home burglaries that happened Tuesday, June 14, in the Corbett area.

Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy 'Rocky' Joe Graziano said two burglaries occurred between 12:30 and 2 p.m. on Smith Road near Curtis Drive and in the 28000 block of East Columbia River Highway, while the third burglary happened later in the afternoon on Curtis Drive within a quarter mile of the Smith Road burglary.

Within an hour of the burglary on Historic Columbia River Highway, a neighbor reported that a suspicious man was knocking on her front door, but he turned to leave before she answered it. The woman said the man had parked his car right up at the front door.

Some time after the man had left, the woman's neighbors called her to say that their home had been burglarized.

'It's an odd coincidence that it occurred in that timeframe,' Graziano said.

The woman said the man was 6 feet tall, about 230 pounds 'of portly build,' white and possibly in his 40s, with casual clothes and short blondish, wavy hair. He was carrying papers, a folder or clipboard.

The vehicle was described as a red 'sporty' two-seater car that is a Mazda Miata or similar, and possibly a convertible; it may be an early to mid-2000s model.

People who see the car or person described are encouraged to get a license plate number and to contact Graziano by calling 503-251-2502 and the non-emergency phone number at 503-823-3333.

Graziano said some burglars pose as salespeople. He reminds residents that if they are approached by someone who says he or she is selling something, then ask to see their identification and proof that they are legitimate salespeople.

'Don't feel guilty about telling the person no, that you want to research it and that they can come back later,' he said.