War protesters message rings through Forest Grove

Vigil -- Demonstrators light candles for men and women who died in four-year-old conflict
by: Chase Allgood, Critics of the war in Iraq gathered Monday along Pacific Avenue in Forest Grove a day after weekend protests were held across the country to note the four-year mark in the conflict.

About two-dozen protesters (and one dog) showed up in Forest Grove Monday afternoon to mark the four-year anniversary of the war in Iraq. The vigil, held at Pacific Avenue and Birch Street, came a day after a weekend of protests in several major U.S. cities, including Portland.

The Portland protest, which drew thousands of people, ended in a flurry of arrests when a splinter group clashed with police.

The Forest Grove demonstration was a quieter affair, and included signs calling for an end to the war and lighted candles in memory of the 62 Oregon military people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Organizers say most motorists responded to the signs call honks and waves, though a few expressed their disagreement though hand gestures.

The event was coordinated through MoveOn.org, a nationwide advocacy group that has been critical of the war effort.

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