Letters, March 21


The following letters appeared in the March 21 edition of The Post:

Smith's rhetoric disingenuous

First, I would like to thank The Sandy Post for asking our elected representatives their position on the proposal to increase the cigarette tax to fund health care for the 117,000 children without health insurance.

As an individual who has spent most of her working life working for the education and welfare of children, I cannot let the response by Rep. Patti Smith go by without comment.

I find her response disingenuously signifying nothing but a veiled no. Naturally, one should not be surprised. Her record, in spite of her declarations to the contrary, is one of non-support for many children's issues. Even though she stated in her campaign advertisement that she had been endorsed by the Stand for Children organization, she had not been endorsed and in fact had a zero rating for her votes on the children's issues the organization felt mattered to them, such as education and children's health.

Consequently it should be no surprise that she doesn't support the cigarette tax. Children don't contribute to campaigns, but the tobacco industry does. If she is so concerned about priorities, what has she been doing these past few years to make her party, which had control of the Legislature, do something?

I can only say the old rhetoric doesn't work anymore. The reality we all face is the rising cost of health care and the lack of access for more and more Oregonians. A healthy, compassionate society does not turn its back on our most vulnerable citizens, its children. Children are our future.


Former House District 52 representative candidate

Hood River

Thanks be to the club

The Sandy High School Pioneer Booster Club extends our sincere appreciation to Paul and Lila Reed, Mt. Hood Athletic owners, for hosting the Community Event Day on Feb. 17 and the Texas Hold 'Em Tournament on Feb. 24 at their club. The donations generated by these events were given to the Pioneer Booster Club, which financially supports athletics, arts, academics, and activities at Sandy High School.

Paul and Lila, thank you for your generous donation and your continuous support of our youth throughout the Oregon Trail community.


On behalf of the Pioneer Booster Club


Citizens made right choice

Finally, the citizens of Sandy have spoken and voted down the recent annexations. As a 10-year resident, I have consistently voted against all these annexations. Everyone talks about the small-town feel of Sandy, but when it comes to all these annexations, they vote for them. If we keep voting for them we will soon become another Gresham. Traffic here is bad enough without having all these developments of tiny lots.