Locals teens clean up at Regional Skill Competition
by: contributed photo, The first, second and third place winners of the Clackamas Skills Competition in Beginning and Advanced Architecutral Design: Front row, from left, Kevin Maples, Emmett Herrle, and Logan Meade; back row, from left, Chelsea Ditmore, Max Reid, Hillary Ahern, Michael Seven, Michael Joesph, Kayla Hendershot.

Sandy High School engineering/architecture students took home 13 of 15 possible medals at the 29th annual Clackamas Regional Skills Competition last month at Clackamas Community College.

The Sandy students took part in five engineering-related categories this year during the daylong event Thursday, Feb. 22.

The architecture competition required designing a residence that met not only current building code standards but pre-requisites and limitations in square footage and room arrangements. Students were required to submit a floor plan, floor framing plan, foundation plan and elevations. They were allowed to work in teams if they wished.

The winners of the advanced architecture category were: first place - Mike Joseph, Kayla Hendershot and Mike Seven; second place - Eugene Wright; third place - Max Reid, Logan Meade and Chelsea Ditmore.

Winners of the beginning category - in which students were required to redesign a given floor plan and also construct floor framing plans and elevations - were: first place - Hillary Ahern; second place -Patrick McElheran; third place - Kevin Maples and Emmett Herrle.

The beginning and advanced categories of mechanical engineering/drafting required students to create an invention and complete a set of working drawings, including a rendering, exploded assembly and detail drawings with all the necessary dimensions.

The winners of the advanced category were: first place - Jesse Phillips and Dan Damiani (they designed a snap open key holder); and second place - Adam Crosby and Brennon Nelson, for their design of a replaceable-tip, easy-grip screwdriver

The winners of the beginning category were: second place - Sergio Ionita, with a design of a carpenter's level; and third place - Chris Davis and Mark Schaefer, designing an adjustable balanced baseball bat.

The engineering competition involved designing a bridge that weighed less than 50 grams (about 1-3/4 ounces) spanned 35 centimeters and held as much weight as possible, keeping with a host of rigid rules.

Several opposing schools tried their design first, with the best attempt holding 40 pounds. Sandy High School students swept the competition, winning the first 21 places and breaking a new record of 320 pounds. The winners of this competition were Jesse Phillips (first place), Zach Hall (second place), and Adam Crosby and Brennon Nelson (third place).

In other engineering news, three of the four finalists for the statewide City of Portland Recyclable Container Competition were advanced engineering students from Sandy - Andrew Brown, Max Reid and Matt James.

The competition involved designing and completing presentation renderings and detailed drawings of a container that would hold glass, papers, and garbage in separate compartments, be easily emptied, be graffiti washable, drain easily and be attractive. Each finalist was awarded $300, and the eventual winner will be awarded an additional $600 and Trail Blazer tickets.

Each finalist will be assigned a professional designer/engineer to make a prototype model and will refine his or her design for the final selection.

'Sandy High School has a group of talented engineering/architecture students,' wrote teacher Mike McDaniel in an e-mail. 'Each year I always think I have the most innovative, intelligent, motivated students than ever before.'

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