by: contributed photo, Kevin Warren admires his award-winning roadster truck.

Sandy High School senior Kevin Warren was the overall winner of the high school competition at the Portland Roadster Show, held March 2-4 at the Oregon Convention Center.

Warren was one of three students picked from Sandy High to compete at the show against other auto shop students from around the Portland area. It was his third time at the show, and apparently, the third time's a charm.

'I'm pretty excited,' Warren said, noting he was surprised. 'I did not expect first at all. I've been down there three years, so it was great to win first.'

He said he and his father 'did everything ourselves' when customizing his truck, including paint work, custom lights and other items. 'It took two years to build it,' Warren said. 'I got it when I was 15 and just started building it, lifting it, things like that.'

For winning the competition, Warren received a trophy and a $500 scholarship.

Warren says customizing trucks is something he'd love to do for a career. He plans to go to college, but afterward he'd like to open up a four-wheel-drive shop with a friend.

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