Let us change CPOs

This is in reference to the article concerning the Boring Community Planning Organization and its conflict with the communities within its current boundaries.

Last year a petition requesting removal of the area east of Highway 26 from the Boring CPO to transfer to the Cottrell CPO was given to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners. A copy was given to the Boring CPO and the Cottrell CPO. This petition has yet to be honored.

It's nice that Les Otto talks about 'healing the community.' The core group of the Boring CPO blatantly showed how concerned they are for the community when they: 1) canceled the July vote for the board members and didn't reschedule, and 2) had a surprise election two months later.

There was a belief and hope of community unity when new bylaws were drafted that allowed all members of the community to vote without a six-month attendance requirement. The verbal agreement at the CPO meeting was that we would wait for county approval of the bylaws and then have elections. This did not happen. A surprise vote was held and conducted like a union hall election by Steve Wiege. (Les Otto was not present.)

The statement was made that they would not wait for county approval and the election would be done immediately. It was said that county counsel had advised them. I spoke with Barbara Smolak, CPO coordinator. She was unaware of any county directive concerning this election.

This subversiveness, having to have complete control at all costs, is what nailed the coffin shut on the chance of any unity.

Clackamas County and the Boring CPO need to honor the petition and allow the residents to remove themselves from the Boring CPO.

I don't believe that the majority of residents on this side of the freeway have any interests in promoting or helping the current board with any of their projects, including developing downtown Boring, the park, celebrations, the Christmas tree lighting, etc. - the very things that encourage growth an expansion of the urban growth boundary.

I will continue to be a watchdog for the community. I personally have no desire to be involved in the activities promoted by the Boring CPO. My neighborhood is the Kelso and Cottrell communities.

Charlette Chatelain is a landowner with land spanning the Boring and Cottrell CPOs. She was one of the most vocal opponents against the Boring Water District's attempted annexation and the failed Boring Village.

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