Two people involved in Monday collision mostly unharmed
by: Courtesy of Oregon State Police, <b>Split in two:</b> One half of Hector Perez-Sanluis' Volkswagen is front and center; the other is at the right. Perez-Sanluis walked away from the accident that tore his car in two Monday morning.

BORING - Two men received minor injuries after a two-vehicle crash Monday morning on Highway 26 at Kelso Road. One of those men was able to walk away from his car after it split in half.

At about 7:15 a.m. Monday, March 26, Sandy resident Aldo Menchaca, 19, hit Hector Perez-Sanluis, 33, of Portland, while Perez-Sanluis was trying to turn left from the eastbound lanes onto northbound Kelso Road. Menchaca's 1990 Honda Accord hit Perez-Sanluis' 1997 Volkswagen Golf on the passenger's side between the front and back doors, splitting the car in half.

Both drivers were wearing seat belts. Perez-Sanluis was able to crawl out of his split car on his own. Both men were transported to Mt. Hood Medical Center where they were treated and released.

Perez-Sanluis was cited for making a dangerous left turn. The collision caused Highway 26 westbound lanes to be closed for about an hour. Oregon State Police, the Boring Fire District, American Medical Response and the Oregon Department of Transportation responded to the scene.

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