Stay tuned for fireworks in April

A showdown looms between supporters and opponents of Commissioner Sam Adams' turning much of West Burnside and Northwest Couch into one-way streets with a new streetcar line.

The confrontation is scheduled to hit the City Council on April 11.

Supporting the plan are some large Burnside-area property owners and streetcar boosters like Chris Smith.

Opposing it are the Portland Planning Commission; residents and business owners on Couch, which could see traffic increase fivefold; and parents of children at the two schools along the proposed couplet, Emerson School on the North Park Blocks and Cathedral School at Northwest 17th Avenue.

Some opponents have set up a Web site - - to argue against the plan. Among other things, they complain about its potential $80 million price tag, although much of the money eventually could come from the federal government compliments of transit-friendly U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.

But without Giusto, we'd go so unentertained

Sources Say's interest was piqued recently by the scuttlebutt that in the event anything happens to Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto, his designated replacement is Bob Skipper, whose stint as sheriff ended in 1994.

It turns out that under the Multnomah County charter, every elected official has to designate a successor.

Most choose their chiefs of staff, though Commissioner Lonnie Roberts picked business consultant Richard Stagg, and Commissioner Maria Rojo de Steffey named Gail Castillo of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Under the Portland city charter, if a catastrophe or 'enemy attack' (a horde of angry Wal-Mart executives, perhaps?) removes the City Council, City Auditor Gary Blackmer, City Attorney Linda Meng and city finance czar Ken Rust would join the council on an interim basis, followed by the commissioners' chiefs of staffs in terms of seniority, starting with Ty Kovatch, top aide to Randy Leonard.

The final spot would be a tossup between Tom Miller, Adams' chief of staff, and Austin Raglione, Mayor Tom Potter's top aide, who earlier filled the same function for then-city Commissioner Earl Blumenauer.

Eventually, the line of succession leads to Dan Saltzman aide Brendan Finn - who said, 'Scary, huh?'

For those who give a hoot: News breaks out of bustier

A certain Sources Say operative - OK, he sits at the desk behind us -has been receiving news alerts ever since he signed up years ago. But he wasn't prepared for the latest bit of news - an alert of a 'new seafood spectacular menu' at Hooters!

Yes, that's right, the restaurant, which has been getting lots of publicity for its recent efforts to distance itself from its letchfest roots, now is offering fine seafood dishes such as crab dip made with a 'hint of Budweiser beer.'

Other handy links on the e-mail led to 'The Hooters Cookbook' and Hooters MasterCard - who knew?

A helpful KGW representative claimed that our operative must have signed up for e-mailed 'specials' as well as news alerts - which our operative roundly denied. (Of course, we're sure those magazines wrapped in brown paper just sort of appear in his office mailbox, too.)

Anyway, now your next-door neighbor will have a new excuse: 'I just go for the seafood.'

-Tribune staff

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