Burger...$4.50, Fries...$1.75, Granny's...$500,000

Sale includes two tax lots, outbuildings and inventory
by: Barbara Adams, Tiffany Fondren, 17, enjoys fries and a soda at Granny's Drive-Thru Restaurant after school.

Caroline Junker was out of town when her daughter Katerine Townsend called her seven years ago to tell her that Granny's Drive-Thru Restaurant was closed and up for sale-and wouldn't it be a great business for them to own together? They bought it from Peter Toscano, who began the business 14 years earlier, because it was a place they enjoyed eating at.

After they purchased the business, Townsend and Junker added a number of items to the menu, including soft serve ice cream, salads, and a Mexican menu. They also serve a wide variety of flavors of milk shakes.

Now the restaurant is up for sale again, this time for nearly $500,000. Junker said potential buyers expressed interest in purchasing their business before they officially put it on the market in late February, but so far, those prospects haven't panned out.

The sale of the business also includes two separate tax lots, an outbuilding, and the inventory.

Junker said what she enjoys most about running the business is their regular customers, and feeling like a part of the community. When she and her daughter work together, Junker takes care of the drive through windows (there's one on each side of the building), and the counter, while Townsend works the grill. 'She likes to cook,' Junker said, 'so when she works she cooks and I do the counter.'

Before they put the business on the market, up to six part-time employees helped run the restaurant, but recently the mother and daughter team has been pulling long shifts with only two part-time employees helping out.

Junker said she decided to sell Granny's for medical reasons. Townsend plans to stay home to concentrate on raising her three children.

But the first thing they plan to do after selling is go on a family vacation to Disneyland. One of the things Junker said her family has enjoyed during the past seven years is traveling together to places like North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Hawaii and Australia.

Granny's Drive-Thru Restaurant is at 156 Northwest 6th Avenue in Estacada.