Letters, March 28


The following letters were published in the March 28 edition of The Post:

Greed shouldn't spoil state's beauty

It is so sad when people get so greedy that they completely disregard anyone else. I'm speaking of Florence Erickson's property becoming the home for two huge billboards on Highway 26 at Haley Road. The state made a wise move when they banned large billboards along our highways. But because this ruling was not in effect when she purchased the property, should this give her the right to bypass it now? We live in a beautiful state and that beauty should not be marred by huge billboards.



Sandy did a good turn

Every year Goodwill can count on the Sandy community for Goodwill's Good Turn Day. This year was no exception. Area Boy Scouts collected 4,589 pounds of clothes and housewares. The sale of these items will help provide jobs and training for people with barriers to employment in the community.

Material donations create a win-win situation. You, the donor, win because you get to recycle items you no longer need, make extra room in your closet or garage, lower your disposal costs, take a tax deduction and provide jobs and training for people with barriers to employment. We, Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette, win because we get the opportunity to turn your donations into revenue for our services and programs.

Goodwill employees and clients win because they become more self-sufficient. And the community wins because our programs take people off the tax rolls and turns them into productive, taxpaying citizens.

Hundreds of volunteers played an important role in this year's event by collecting and transporting the donations. We could not have accomplished this feat without the help of local Scouts, the East Portland Rotary Club and volunteer trucking companies. Thank you.


President, Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette