by: Chase Allgood,

This year's musical at Forest Grove High School is different. To start with, the musical, which opens on April 27, is an anniversary production: The play was last performed in 1997.

'These coats are the same from 1997; we rented from Beaverton,' said Bonnie McCabe (above left), who was the kids choir director last time. This year, Mike Fields (above right) will be directing the kids choir, which is made up of 55 children from local elementary schools.

Though a kids choir isn't typcial of a high school musical, the youngsters certainly won't upstage their older siblings who are starring in the musical - they're only background singers.

In the play, a narrator played by junior Allison Fletcher tells the biblical story to modern kids and the historical characters step right out of the book onto the stage.

The experience will be a true community production, said McCabe.

Not only are volunteers working hard to help backstage, it is likely that many of them can sing and dance along with the students.

'These are the experiences kids remember forever,' said McCabe, who hopes to have a 1997 alumni cast and crew reunion.

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