Downtown needs to be inviting and accommodating

I was interested to read in the News -Times last month that one of the suggestions from the Chamber of Commerce's consultant, Roger Brooks, was to have a public rest room.

During recent surveys by the City of Forest Grove, through our utility bills over the last two years, I had also suggested that a toilet block should be built.

I think it should be built near the center of town, in an easy to find location, so that shoppers and visitors to our town have easy access. Also I have heard it said that it would be nice to have rest rooms near the center of town for people that go walking for exercise and have the need to use these facilities.

Such a building needs to be separate from any shops or arcades. A building of this type could be built to give plenty of natural light by using the right sort of materials.

I also feel that it would be easy to dress up the appearance of the shop fronts in the center of town.

This could be achieved by building awnings or veranda overhangs along the shop fronts to give continued coverage along the foot paths during any weather so that people can take their time going from shop to shop.

This looks better than the individual little awnings over doors and windows and it does add a more warm an inviting appearance.

K. Myers

Forest Grove