Attacks on local lawmakers reveals GOP's 'dirty politics'

'The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight' comes to mind when reading about the latest attack ads from Oregon Republicans and their Washington, DC-based ally, FreedomWorks. Postcards and a radio spot with negative messages went after Reps. Chuck Riley and David Edwards (both Democrats from Hillsboro) among others.

It appears the ads were in the works prior to the negotiations on keeping this year's corporate kicker to create a rainy day fund.

If this was so, and one has to wonder, then it implies the GOP had planned to block the rainy day fund effort from the get-go and follow it with the attack campaign. But the flexible Democratic leadership was able to broker a compromise on the issue.

So the ads become what they likely were intended to be in the first place: dirty politics. It's a shame this is beginning so early, and it's the Republicans who are driving it.

Bill Kroger