Register for spill notification


Property owners in Lake Oswego will be notified of sewer leaks in the future, according to a response plan outlined by the city for the Oregon Department of Environ-mental Quality.

DEQ required the report as part of Lake Oswego's penalties for violating the Clean Water Act.

The penalties, made official in an agreement signed Feb. 6, stem from sewage leaks to Oswego Lake in December 2005 and January 2006. The leaks let 97,000 of untreated sewage onto city streets, which eventually washed into the lake via storm drains.

The agreement levied $54,000 in fines and tied the city to a schedule for fixing its sewers. It also required a response plan for future sewer overflows.

Now, local residents will be notified by telephone when sewers overflow near their homes. Press releases may also be issued, advising residents to avoid contact with spill-affected waters for 72 hours.

In the past, Lake Oswego has not notified property owners about sewage spills in their area. The response plan says officials will now rely on the city's CodeRED program - an emergency service available to those who register - to reach property owners affected by the spills.

To register for CodeRED notification of sewage spills, go to