by: Submitted photo, Lake Oswego resident, pilot and artist Jerry Ghiglieri gave a presentation of her aviation art and experiences on March 23 to celebrate Women’s History Day at Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville.

'The dream to fly' was the subject of a Women's History Day presentation at Evergreen Aviation Museum last Friday by Lake Oswego artist Jerry Ghiglieri, who discussed contributions women have made in the field of aviation. More than 20 paintings were presented.

Ghiglieri wore two articles of clothing representing the history of women aviators, one a scarf, part of a Royal Air Force uniform, with British wings on and in the middle the letters ATA, Air Transport Auxiliary, which was the first unit of American women pilots who flew spitfires and other aircraft in the European theater. The other article was a WASP (Women's Airforce Service Pilots) pin. WASPs flew only in the U.S. Both of these items were given to Ghiglieri by Roberta Santoz Leveaux, one of two remaining original pilots from the ATA.

During her presentation, Ghiglieri acknowledged Jackie Cochran, one of the greatest women pilots in aviation history, and who started the ATA and later the WASP. The first woman to break the sound barrier, Cochran's wingman was Chuck Yeager.

'It is always a wonderful opportunity and a pleasure to come to the Evergreen Museum,' said Ghiglieri. 'There is something for all ages to see and enjoy.'

Evergreen Aviation Museum is located on Highway 18 in McMinnville. An IMAX 3-D theater, housing one of the largest movie screens in the Pacific Northwest, will soon open at the facility.

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