by: Anthony Roberts, Cracked inlays on Pine Street.

Sherwood and the contractor that built the Old Town streets are working through the "punch list" phase of the project, but may have reached a snag on one issue: the gravel inlays that mark the crosswalks.

Construction crews have been busy replacing a few areas of the concrete sidewalk and making other small changes. Sherwood Community Development Director Rob Dixon said of the punch list: "It's a technical term that really means it's substantially complete and now we're repairing stuff; all of the little things that aren't exactly correct or need to be fixed. The punch list can be quite extensive, even for a project like this."

Other punch list items that will be finished in the coming weeks include putting base covers on the new light poles on Main and Railroad; fixing the new speed-control sign on Main Street; and cleanup items.

One item that has not yet been resolved is the issue of the inlays, or gravel "pavers." Doweled bars were supposed to be placed beneath the pavers, but were not, and Dixon said the city and contractor are working to find a resolution for the problem. He said there could be a specific problem relating to the intersection of Railroad and Pine streets, since the pavers are rapidly deteriorating there, but seem to be alright at other intersections.

Replacing the pavers could be an issue, because the contractor, Kodiak Benge, is typically responsible for paying for items on the checklist. They may not agree to pay for the pavers.

Dixon said the contractor is being cooperative, and said he expects to have a resolution set sometime in April.

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