Cross part of 'resurgence' for an Old Town church

by: Submitted photo, A new cross was installed on the Sherwood United Methodist Church in March. The church had been without a cross since the old wood cross rotted out.

Sherwood United Methodist Church Pastor Gerry Hill said the church has experienced a bit of a "rebirth" over the past several years.

Attendance is up, and there have been several renovation projects, but something's been missing: a cross.

The original cross on the church, built in 1969, was made of wood. It rotted within the past decade, and church members had to tear it down, fearing it would fall and injure someone. The church is located on Washington Street in Old Town.

Hill has been at the church for four years, and while everyone has been aware of the lack of a cross, he said it really hit home when a Korean family whose son was an exchange student visited.

"The father was just horrified, he said, "Isn't this a Christian church? Where is the cross?' " Hill explained. "It just seems important if you're a Christian church to be able to display the cross and all that means for Christians."

The new cross is made of aluminum, and was installed at the church in March.

"It's been a long time in coming," Hill said of the cross's installation. "Also for us it's a statement. We feel like we're in a time of resurgence in the life of our church."

-Anthony Roberts