Dirty politics, Beaverton vs. taxpayers and Nike

Dirty politics off to early start in Salem

'The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight' comes to mind when reading about the latest attack ads from Oregon Republicans and their Washington, D.C.-based ally, FreedomWorks.

Postcards and a radio spot with negative messages went after Reps. David Edwards and Chuck Riley (both Hillsboro Democrats), among others. It appears the ads were in the works prior to the negotiations on keeping this year's corporate kicker to create a rainy-day fund. If this was so, and one has to wonder, then it implies the GOP had planned to block the rainy-day fund effort from the get-go and follow it with the attack campaign.

But the flexible Democratic leadership was able to broker a compromise on the issue. So the ads become what they likely were intended to be in the first place: dirty politics. It's a shame this is beginning so early, and it's the Republicans who are driving it.



Make the mayor, council pay the bill

Hello, Beaverton Taxpayers. Once again Mayor Rob Drake and his minions on the Beaverton City Council are costing you your hard-earned money. The latest foo-pah is the decision to hire an outside attorney to prosecute a Beaverton police officer for doing 10 mph over the speed limit while performing her official duty.

The key phrase here is 'official duty.' This should have been stopped by the higher-ups on the police force ending with the chief, especially when an outside area DA told them they did not have a case.

The real question is, when will the taxpayers wake up and sever their relationship with Rob Drake and the City Council? They have cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of their hard-earned dollars, which could have been used for the right reasons.

Instead, this money has been wasted on defying court orders and stupid cases such as this officer performing her 'official duty.' Figure out the money lost in this investigation and Nike, and send the mayor and city councilors a bill to pay out of their personal pockets. Then maybe they would have a better understanding of fiscal responsibility.

Rob Drake, city councilors and Chief Bishop, give us a break and retire. We have had enough.



News flash: Nike is the good guy

The city of Beaverton has been told to pay up - pay up the legal fees that Nike incurred while battling the city over the attempt to drag the company into annexation.

The city presented Nike with deplorable paperwork in a blatant attempt to either drag out the situation or to make it more confusing.

Here's a newsflash for the city of Beaverton. Nike is the good guy in the community.

Nike provides well-paying jobs with good benefits to families in Washington County. People who make money in the county spend money in the county. Nike spends countless time and dollars of its own money on charitable programs in the city, and state of Oregon. On top of all of this, Nike just contributed $9 million to the local schools, money that will go directly into the local school coffers.

Taking all of this into consideration, you can only wonder what Mayor Drake and his gang were thinking. While trying to force Nike into annexation, I suppose the train of thought was to up the tax base money for the city. However, as the saying goes, 'Penny wise and pound foolish.'

The city of Beaverton was silly and shortsighted to try to force Nike into annexation, and who is to say that if the city had gotten its way that Nike would not have picked up stakes and moved elsewhere? What a blow that would have been to the local economy.

And now the taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab for the city's legal fees in this ridiculous fight. The next time the city of Beaverton knocks on my door for more money I will be voting no. There is too much waste, plain and simple. And as for Nike, Just Keep Doing It, and thanks.



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