East County must look for Roberts' replacement

For some time I have been concerned about Commissioner Lonnie Roberts' representation of my concerns as a constituent of his district. I am a former and now retired Multnomah County employee and have talked with him while I was an employee and since my retirement.

As a taxpayer and resident of Multnomah County, I resent funds being used as a bonus for his staff in this time of budget cuts. As The Gresham Outlook and Oregonian indicate it seems that Commissioner Roberts often is not in his office and relies heavily on his staff to perform the research and other work of his office.

It is time for the East Multnomah County community to realize that Multnomah County provides services for our most vulnerable citizens. My entire 30-plus years as a county employee, I worked to provide services for the most needy. We are at a time that we must have a commissioner who is willing to do the research, listen to us and perform the work we expect.

Two actions we must take are:

• Chairman Ted Wheeler and other commissioners must act to disallow bonuses.

• East Multnomah County residents must hold their current commissioner, Lonnie Roberts, accountable and look for his replacement to take his/her job seriously.

Sherry Willmschen


Story didn't get details right about wreck

I am not too happy with your article on the accident that happened in Boring on Highway 26 on Monday (The Outlook, March 28). The car that got split in half was only a 2-door car not a 4-door and Hector Perez-Sanluis is still in the hospital and has no feeling in his legs. You stated in your article that both people were treated for minor injuries, which was not correct.

He has not been let out of the hospital yet. We'll be lucky if he is able to even walk. This article really offends his family and friends. By not having correct information in the article you guys made it sound this accident was nothing, but it is something to his family and friends.

Erica Stevens


(Editor's note: The information in the story came from an Oregon State Police press release.)

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