Members of local Neighborhood Response Teams were able to get a drug dealer off the streets and return stolen property after keeping surveillance on one Hayhurst home.

Several neighbors had reported odd vehicle and pedestrian traffic at a house in the 5000 block of Southwest Cameron Street.

NRT officers, including Officers Brian Hughes and Bill Winters, began conducting undercover surveillance of the home in late February. After a few hours, the police witnessed a suspicious woman leave the home on foot and get into a car several blocks away.

The police pulled the woman over and searched her vehicle finding two half-ounce baggies of powdered cocaine, worth about $750, and a digital scale.

As a result, the driver of the car, Teresa Trygg, 37, was arrested on the allegation of possession and distribution of cocaine.

'The amount of drugs she had was way beyond the amount for personal use,' explained Officer Hughes.

The officers also found a stolen purse in the car. The purse contained $120 cash, a driver's license and a digital camera. The camera contained pictures of Trygg and others using drugs.

Police learned that Trygg had been on her way to meet friends at the Hospitality Inn on Capitol Highway.

Officers went to the hotel room and seized drug paraphernalia from the room. They also arrested Brian Johnston, 43, for a felony parole violation.

Later, the stolen purse was returned to the owner who was 'relieved' to find several checks for Girl Scout cookie orders were still inside.

'This case would not have been made without the neighbors watching and reporting to the police suspicious activity in their neighborhood,' Hughes said.

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