“There are some really interesting artists making work here,” one observer of Portland’s theater scene says. Among them: 1. Kwik Jones, Studio 20 Entertainment 2. Dañel Malán, Miracle Theatre Group 3. Kim Bogus, Integrity Productions 4. Chris Coleman, Portland Center Stage 5. John Monteverde, Blue Monkey Theater Company 6. Allen Nause, Artists Repertory Theatre 7. Slayden Scott, Third Rail Repertory Theatre 8. Ted Douglass, The 3rd Floor 9. Barry Hunt, Sowelu Theater 10. Tobias Andersen, Mt. Hood Repertory Theatre Company 11. Keith Scales, Classic Greek Theatre of Oregon 12. Stan Foote, Oregon Children’s Theatre 13. Carol Triffle, Imago Theatre 14. Jerry Mouawad, Imago Theatre 15. Jonathan Walters, Hand2Mouth Theatre 16. Kirk Mouser, Stumptown Stages 17. Mary McDonald-Lewis, Readers Theatre Repertory 18. Jane Unger, Profile Theatre 19. Lori Sue Hoffman, Defunkt Theatre 20. Olga Sanchez, Miracle Theatre Group 21. Melanya Helene, the Brooklyn Bay 22. Sarah Jane Hardy, Northwest Children’s Theater 23. Grant Turner, Northwest Classical Theater Company

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