Cutting edge technology unveiled!
by: Eric Norberg,

The Portland Bureau of Environmental Services on Friday, March 23rd, held a public unveiling of a giant grinding wheel, at the site where underground drilling for the Eastside Big Pipe sewer project will shortly begin.

The 25-foot-wide cutterhead was suspended by a crane; was christened by Police Chief Rosie Sizer (the 88-ton boring machine is named 'Rosie'); and was serenaded by Jeff Beruan of the nearby Portland Opera, singing 'Old Man River' (shown).

With the wheel installed, the machine will drill, at a depth of over 100 feet, from here--just south of OMSI--to Swan Island; then will be hauled up, returned to this site, and bore the final segment, south to S.E. 17th at McLaughlin.

When the job is done, in four years, almost no sewage will ever spill into the river, even in the worst of rainstorms.

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