Dietrich files Measure 37 claim on land announced for Wal-Mart site


Although it has been close to two years since Howard Dietrich announced he had a 99-year lease from Wal-Mart for a new type of smaller, urban Wal-Mart store--on property just southeast of the Tacoma Street overcrossing at McLoughlin Boulevard--and would shortly file permits for its construction, the permits have not yet been filed, and the site remains desolate.

Nonetheless, earlier this year, attorneys representing the reported project asked the city for guidance on what sort of store plans would be approved, to which the city responded that it was their job to approve plans, not dictate them.

And now, Dietrich, d/b/a 'Oregon Worsted Company', has followed through on a promise made a year and a half ago, and has filed a 'Measure 37' claim on the property, presumably intending that the industrial zoning on land his family has used only industrially since early last century now be changed to allow retail use.

Meantime, other Inner Southeast Measure 37 claims have been reported: Two identical claims ($178,813) by the owner of the Acropolis Restaurant (Haralampose Polizos) and the separate owners of adjacent property (Herbert and Jo Ann Rose Jundt), both along McLoughlin Boulevard opposite Dietrich's land. In addition, Michael McCoy has filed a Measure 37 claim for a property at 4918 S.E. Powell Boulevard in the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood, also in that same amount -- $178,813.

In the Brooklyn neighborhood, three associated claims by Mattie C. Baker have been filed for properties at S.E. 4207, 4211, and 4245 Milwaukie Boulevard, in the amount of $1,343,000.

Interestingly, attitudes by Oregon voters seem to have changed on the measure they passed. In a statewide survey of 500 Oregonians conducted in late January by 'Moore Information', 52% of respondents said they would now vote against the measure, while only 37% would support it.

In addition, 61% of Oregonians want the Oregon Legislature to either fix or repeal Measure 37, while only 31% of voters want the legislature to 'keep its hands off' of the measure.

'Moore Information' is an opinion research firm based in Portland.