The drawing that goes on forever

Long sketch shows future MLK Viaduct
by: Eric Norberg,

This to-scale engineering drawing of the future MLK Jr. Blvd. viaduct, as it will look when the present project north of the Ross Island Bridge is completed in 2010, stretched across the whole front wall of the OMSI auditorium on S.E. Water Street, at an ODOT Open House March 22nd.

The open house marked the start of the phase which turns to, and eventually completely replaces, the aging and saggy viaduct.

Here viewing the huge drawing is Shawn Uhlman, a Westmoreland resident and an official in the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Part of the work will be to place solid pilings below what is 20 feet or more of ancient sawdust dumpings--that's what's causing the existing southbound viaduct branch to sag in the middle, necessitating the reduced, 35-MPH speed limit southbound--a limit that is being regularly enforced by Portland Police Officers with radar guns.