by: David F. Ashton, In an instant, a family tree-cutting party turned into a tragic event, as a limb pinned two men to the ground. After freeing them, Portland Fire & Rescue workers stabilized the two victims.

Because members of the homeowner's family had successfully trimmed away the branches and smaller limbs, it seemed like the rest of the tree removal job would be a snap. Actually, it was louder than that, and more painful.

Two men were steadying a large branch, at the home in the 6400 block of S.E. 74th Avenue, at 7 pm on Sunday, March 18th. Then, 'crack' - loud enough to startle neighbors across the street - and the limb dropped on the two men below it.

Helping out on the project when at the time of the accident was Vicente Aguilar. On-scene, he told us the branch 'just fell off. It hit one of my brother-in-laws in the neck, and knocked down the other one.'

In less than five minutes, Aguilar says, the first fire truck pulled up to the house.

'The call came in as a 'pin in',' the navigator of Portland Fire and Rescue Engine 11 tells THE BEE, 'but it was a 'pin under'. We're taking care of two people who look fairly seriously injured by the falling branch.' However, due to new privacy laws, information on the condition of the injured men is not available to the press.

'Our firemen are nothing but the best,' says Aguilar. 'We have the best rescue people in the whole world. They were professional. They knew what to look for, and treated the guys the best. Please thank them.'

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