by: Courtesy of the Rose Festival Association, One of two Inner Southeast Rose Festival Princesses this year, Cleveland High’s 2007 Princess, Tiffany Loanzon.

For the last few years, the field from which the Rose Festival Queen is selected has been called each participating high school's 'Ambassador'. Presumably this equal-opportunity-permitted each school to choose a male student for the honor; but since he would be competing to be the Rose Festival Queen, few male students stepped forward, and the ranks of the Ambassadors remained resolutely female.

This year, for its 100th anniversary, when its tradition is in the spotlight, the Rose Festival has returned to the previous terminology, and each high school's selected student is once again designated a Rose Festival Princess.

On Monday, March 19th, in an afternoon assembly, Cleveland High School on S.E. Powell Boulevard chose, as its Princess, Tiffany Loanzon, daughter of Jesse and Marci Loanzon.

She attended Duniway Elementary School and Sellwood Middle School, and has 'been on a dance team all four years of high school, and became captain this year,' she reports, adding, ' I have been involved in choir for four years, and made it into the most prestigious choir (Daires) this year. I am also a delegate for the senior class cabinet,

and co-president of the Asian club.'

Tiffany was born on June 26, 1989, and has a brother, Brandon. Her future plans are to attend 'a four-year state college, and major in broadcast journalism. I would like to have an internship at a music channel or a news station. By my senior year of college, I would like to be a TV personality, whether it be at the news desk, reporter, or behind the camera. All aspects of it.'

The following afternoon, March 20th, Franklin High at S.E. 52nd and Woodward Street chose its Princess: Ellen Louise Robson, who previously attended Glencoe Elementary and All Saints, and then Mt. Tabor Middle School (Cedar Lodge). She is the daughter of Christina and Scott Robson, and has a sister and brother, Jane and Kenny.

Born October 31, 1988, Ellen describes some of her high school activities: 'This year I am part of the Student Body Council, as the Secretary to the senior class. I helped with Holiday Gift Wrapping at Clackamas Mall. I was in the Junior vs. Senior Powderpuff game, getting up at 5 am every morning for 2 weeks! Freshman year, I was on the Track Team (N). I have helped out with Penny Drives. I love attending sporting events and cheering on for our teams.

'I am on Prom committee. This year I was part of the Constitutional Law program, and recently competed in the Nationally recognized 'We The People' competition. I was a part of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and also part of NHS (National Honors Society).'

As for her future plans, Ellen says, 'There are so many careers offered nowadays that it's hard to choose! I love to draw and create and design. Graphic Design is a possible career choice. Acting is fun too. I have a passion for writing; I have been writing stories since I can remember, and I hope one day to publish a book. Another field of interest is Hospitality; I took the foods program freshman year and enjoyed it greatly.

'The Health Services also interests me: Being a doctor or surgeon would be a very interesting, and great learning experience. My mother is an assistant to a surgeon and we discuss different aspects of her job often.' She is still deciding on her college choice.

A disappointment to Inner Southeast Portland is that the Rose Festival will not be able to restore the Milk Carton Boat Races in its 100th year, long a tradition at Westmoreland Park before the Casting Pond was drained. Now that the pond has been refilled, the races could proceed, but the Festival tells THE BEE that it learned of this development too late to restore Inner Southeast's only Festival event this year.

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