by: , Most of the vendors who brought their wares to sell at the Moreland Farmer’s Market last year have returned to display there again this year, at its new Westmoreland location. This photo of a vegetable farmer’s booth was taken last year by Maya Tims.

After a bang-up first season last year, the nonprofit Moreland Farmer's Market is back again this year, every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm, starting May 16th and running until September 26th. The all-food market will again feature 25 vendors, selling fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, breads, savories, sweets, prepared foods, vinegar, wine, honey, and cut flowers.

And the masseuse will be there again, along with the knife- and garden-tool sharpener. Market Manager Laura Wendel says she expects another fun year. 'The Market is like a piazza. People hang out, they meet their growers, there's music; the kids dance,' she says. 'It's a feel-good event.'

But the good feelings will occur in a slightly different location.

It will no longer be held in the Westmoreland parking lot on the corner of S.E. Milwaukie and Glenwood, where the Market proved disruptive to the owners of the lot. Instead, the Moreland Farmers Market has moved a block south and two blocks west, to the parking area of Portland Memorial Funeral Home on S.E. 14th.

'Portland Memorial has benefited the community by offering the south lot for the market operation itself, and a portion of the north lot for parking,' Wendel explains. This will put the event right on S.E. Bybee Boulevard, and blocks closer to Sellwood, providing what is expected to be a more convenient location for all attendees.

Meanwhile, Wendel has some ideas for adding to the average of 1,200 people per day who visited the market last year. Shoppers largely came from Sellwood, Westmoreland, and Eastmoreland; organizers discovered that, in general, people from Woodstock and Brooklyn were noticeably absent.

So, Wendel and volunteers will put up more signage to advertise the event in those neighborhoods, an effort which includes placing a sandwich board outside the Woodstock Branch Library on Wednesdays.

And for those who wonder, 'why have the market on Wednesday', one reason that day was selected, explains Wendell, is because 'the Board [of Moreland Farmer's Market] wanted to feed into the business community, and Wednesday is a slow time for them.'

While the market undoubtedly livens up the Westmoreland business district, the market is also an opportunity for local nonprofits to share their mission with the community. Plus, on opening day, the Multnomah County library branches will highlight their Summer Reading program.

'And this year, we will kick off with a raffle. The lucky winner will go home with a bag filled with the Market's goodies,' exclaims Wendel.

For more information on this midweek urban farmer's market, visit the Internet website:

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