by: David F. Ashton, About 300 Eastmoreland neighbors came to see the exhibits and talk with the vendors at this Faire.

While it did seem like a good idea, Board members of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association (ENA) wondered if anyone would actually come - on a weeknight - to the neighborhood's first 'Remodeling Faire'.

The organizers looked delighted (and relieved) on March 8th, when a steady stream of homeowners poured into, and circulated around, the exhibits set up at the Duniway School cafeteria.

'A lot of remodeling and restoration goes on in Eastmoreland,' said Steve Baker, ENA Board member and Webmaster. 'We thought it would be good to bring the contractors here to meet with homeowners.'

Baker credited a fellow board member, Bert Sperling, with hatching the concept, a few years ago.

'In addition to providing a good event for the neighbors,' Baker added, 'this is helping us raise money for street trees, as well as our neighborhood garden, which needs a lot of maintenance.'

Taking a break from looking at exhibitors, Eastmoreland neighbor Rosalind Schreiber told us, 'We did a major remodel about four years ago, but we're looking at other projects. This [Faire] is great. Having everybody in one place is convenient, but isn't overwhelming, like the Remodeling Show.'

Most important to her, Schreiber commented, was that all of the exhibitors at the event have actually done work in Eastmoreland.

'This event helps us meet people who might use our work,' is how Steven Klingerman with Sovereign Construction, one of the exhibitors, felt about it. 'Even more, it gives us the chance to meet face-to-face, answer questions, and learn about homeowners' needs.'

For those who needed a quick pick-me-up at the four-hour, evening event - or wanted to appease antsy kids they brought along - Woodstock's Island Creamery was on hand, providing coffee, soft drinks, ice cream, and cookies.

'This is the place to be!' exclaimed Jane Morrison, with the nonprofit Bosco-Milligan Architectural Heritage Center, which was also displaying.

'We have been around for a number of years helping people who like old buildings. We have classes and exhibits about old buildings. Being here with businesses which restore and repair older buildings is a good match for us.'

What will the ENA be up to next? Find out, by checking their Internet website:

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