by: Stiv J. Wilson, Wallace Books’ owner, Julie Wallace.

Since you probably have a light on while you are reading, Westmoreland's Wallace Books has come up with a way to reduce your electricity use while keeping your reading light bright: Giving away free compact fluorescent light bulbs with every book purchase totaling over $25.

Owner Julie Wallace says that each of these 'Ecobulbs' features low-energy use and should last for 7 years, adding that she feels this promotion is also to reward customers for 'shopping locally'.

'It's a good way to make people think about doing a little something for the environment,' she says. After hearing of the free bulb program at other businesses from a friend, Wallace joined the group of local businesses offering the green incentive.

The giveaway program was started by the doctors at the Fanno Creek Clinic in Southwest Portland. They were buying light bulbs in bulk and donating them to patients, to raise consciousness about the environment. Other Southwest businesses joined the program, which with Wallace Books' participation has now moved to Southeast Portland.

'Every free light bulb sends a message that we can all do something about global warming,' says Julie. 'It's a condition that affects us all. Judging from our big sales on books such as 'The Green Building Book' by Clark Snell and Tim Callahan, Portlanders are very much interested in helping the planet.'

Wallace Books is located at 7241 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue in Westmoreland.

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