Clackamas' Dave Hunt counts up wins, challenges at the legislative session's midpoint

As of today - April 4 - the state legislature has hit the half-way point in its 2007 session… a statistic made more interesting by the fact that they've never been able to say that in the past.

'Usually we have no idea when's the mid-point,' House Majority Leader Dave Hunt said, 'because we don't have a definite end point.'

Hunt, from Clackamas County's District 40, said this year they've set a deadline of June 29 for themselves, and he's confidant they'll make it and end the session on time. 'We're pretty much on track.'

He said they've passed about 20 of the roughly 110 budgets that make up the state budget. Those range from the massive K-12 education budget - still to be passed - down to small budgets for agencies like the Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

'Two years ago we started passing budgets in May,' Hunt said. 'This year we stated passing budgets in February. This session, we're just cranking through our agenda.'

Although the list of unfinished business is daunting - it includes contentious issues like education spending and Measure 37 reform - Hunt was optimistic.

'We will definitely be at the deadline, we will definitely be done by the end of June,' he said. 'We will have a significant set of accomplishments to demonstrate to constituents.'

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