Residents urged to review NRI letters


Property owners and residents in the Birdshill area and other sections within the Lake Oswego Urban Growth Management Area or UGMA began receiving letters informing them of a Natural Resource Inventory or NRI that is being conducted by the city of Lake Oswego.

An enclosed form requests a mark and signature of the property resident/owner to grant or decline 'permission to the city of Lake Oswego' to conduct a site visit. This site visit is to 'help in updating our city of Lake Oswego Natural Resource Atlas.'

The NRI letter dated March 28 does not suggest review of two council reports and review of oral testimony given on two dates in the past year.

I strongly urge you to:

1. Get and review a copy of the Council Report from Joanna Papaefthimiou dated Feb 27, Subject: Natural Resource Inventory Update, published on page 97 under agenda item 8.2 of the Lake Oswego City Council packet of March 6.

2. Get and review a DVD of that meeting beginning at DVD time Point (hour : min : sec) 01:14:55 through 02:10:10.

3. Get a copy of the council report and exhibit maps from Sidero Sin dated April 4, 2006, Subject: Serial Partitions. Published on page 45 under agenda item 3.2 of the Lake Oswego City Council packet of April 11, 2006.

Read, review, make connections, and draw your own conclusions about the purpose of the NRI.

The nature of the Natural Resource Inventory should be subject to intense scrutiny by yourself, and neighbors in your community. I do not believe:

'It (NRI) enables the city and landowners to make well-informed decisions about how land is used in Lake Oswego.'

Upon review of the above documents you will conclude as I have about the Natural Resource Inventory letter March 28:

1. Trade-offs in population density within a neighborhood are not disclosed in the NRI process.

2. Property owners are required to refute conclusions of the city of Lake Oswego in processes that are not delineated, defined, tested and / or validated prior to execution of the inventory.

3. Advantages of the NRI process primarily are for the benefit of city staff and city council rather than the individual and neighborhood to: 'Simplify our annexations. I hope you noted how easy it was to do an annexation with resources.'

4. Unintended consequences of this inventory were given scant consideration by the Lake Oswego City Council.

5. Timeline for the NRI is overly aggressive. It '… is somewhat an ambitious timeline for the first part of this project which is the data collection.'

6. Tasks in the timeline for the NRI exclude education of citizens prior to inventory execution.

7. Technical references on processes such as ESEE, with respect to the NRI are non-existent in the Lake Oswego Library, as required under Oregon Land Use, Goal One, OAR 660-015-0000-1.

8. Individuals and neighborhoods will be pitted against one another over 'development' / densification rights.

Bottom line for individual / neighborhood protection from effects from the Natural Resource Inventory:

1. Do not sign forms until you understand the definitions of all terms and processes.

2. Do not sign forms until you understand all policies, and laws under which terms and processes will be administered.

3. Do not sign forms until you understand what the immediate implications and ultimate effects will be upon both your property and neighborhood.

4. Keep copies for yourself and neighborhood.

5. Do not use the enclosed pre-paid envelope. Return by Certified Mail and return receipt. You and / or your community may need verifiable proof in the future.

6. Complain in writing about the NRI process to the Big Look Committee, LCDC, and committees of the 74th / 2005 session of the Oregon Legislature.

These are the suggestions I am giving to my mother (property owner) and my neighbors in the Birdshill area.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby is a resident of the Birdshill Area of Clackamas County.