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by: contributed photo from Linfield College, Peter D'Aboy.

Sandy's Peter D'Aboy (Sandy High School class of 2006) is currently playing junior varsity baseball for the Linfield Wildcats in McMinnville. The freshman second baseman recently spoke with The Sandy Post about his new campus life.

Q: How are things going with the baseball team?

A: Good, I'm on the JV team. We're playing games against community colleges right now, and then we're playing George Fox's JV and then Concordia's JV about five times each.

Q: How would you compare life in Sandy vs. life in McMinnville?

A: Every town is different. McMinnville's kind of like a college town, the atmosphere's just different. Of course, we all have a lot more freedom - that's definitely the biggest part of it, not having our parents to tell us what to do.

Q: Do you find that you have the self-discipline to get things done without parents around?

A: Yeah, I've always been responsible. Doing homework is not a big issue for me. I'll get it done before I go out and do whatever.

Q: Do you know what you're majoring in yet?

A: I'm undecided on my major, so I'm taking general studies and hopefully something will pop out at me or I'll take a class and I'll really enjoy it.

Q: Has college been overwhelming in some ways?

A: No, I like it a lot. It's really nice. I'm enjoying myself a lot and I think (best friends and fellow Sandy graduates) Corey (Pursel) and Will (DeBiccari) and those guys are too. Everybody's just really enjoying it. It's just a really good experience.

Q: Do JV players get opportunities to work with Linfield assistant coach (and former World Series MVP) Scott Brosius?

A: Yeah...he knows what he's talking about, obviously. He's the infield coach, so it's a lot of coaching for me. Every practice he's out there, working with all of us infielders.

Q: Does he ever share any World Series stories?

A: Yeah, he was talking about (George) Steinbrenner and (Joe) Torre and these guys he knows. It's neat to hear about all those stories.

Q: Did you get a chance to see your younger brother Tommy play basketball for the Pioneers this past season?

A: Only one game - it was before he was playing a lot. I always talk to my parents after the games and they were always relaying that he played well.

Q: Do you have any advice for the current Sandy baseball team?

A: They have a lot of experience returning, especially pitching. But that doesn't mean anything. You've still got to go out there and play well. You've still got to throw strikes and throw the ball well and make the plays. They've still got to do it no matter what the hype is or how far they think they can go. Take the plays and get the hits - it's not going to be given to them, especially in the Mount Hood Conference.

Q: The conference seems to have some pretty good baseball programs.

A: It's always been good.

Q: Did you know the conference allows five playoff berths now?

A: Yeah. It seems like (the Pioneers) have a chance to get anywhere from one through five depending on how they play. They've got a good group of guys. They have sophomores and freshmen - like Tommy - coming up, and then they also have seniors like my other brother Joey and then (Jake) Fenwick. Fenwick's been there for two years and Jordan Elliott played as a sophomore last year. They've got weapons. They can hit the ball.

Q: What has been the biggest adjustment going from the high school level to the college level?

A: You just have to be a lot more consistent to get playing time at the college level. It's all about consistency. If you're not playing, then there's another guy who's going to step up. There's another guy behind you. In high school, sometimes you're the only one at your position, so you're there no matter what happens. On this college team, there's always a guy behind you that's going to step in if you're not playing well. You just have to be a lot more consistent and work harder.

Q: Is it almost kind of cutthroat?

A: If you're not playing well, the coaches are still working with you, they aren't going to kick you aside and put the next guy in. Everybody on the team are buddies, so it's not like I'm rooting against the other guy. I wouldn't say it's cutthroat, but it's more competitive between the team.

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