Add gelato to your Easter feast


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I'm a few days late on sharing the April holidays, but 'better late than never,' as my Polish Grandma Net used to say. Sunday was Palm Sunday and April Fool's Day, and Tuesday was the beginning of Passover. Tomorrow is Good Friday, Sunday is Easter and Monday is Easter Monday.

Tea's Me will be closed on Easter Sunday but have a super special selection on Mother's Day. It is time to make reservations for Easter and for Mother's Day, which is Sunday, May 13.

When giving flowers, try to find a book on the language of flowers and then send along the meaning of each blossom in the bouquet. Red tulips are a declaration of love, and pansies mean 'thinking of you.' When I give Tussie Mussie bouquets, I type up a sheet of floral meanings to go along with them. I'm saving up to finally get my floral certification and can hardly wait. Flowers are always a welcome gift. Just be careful to give them ready to display so no one has to scramble to find a vase or container. When giving plants, be sure to include a drip tray.

As a family, we shop at our local stores. Cedar Mill has a new place to eat right down the street from us, and we love to go there often. Their breakfast paninis are perfect. They will even make mine without eggs.

Not being a gelato fan, I gave it a try anyway because owners Barbara and Paul Anctil's other business, Anctil Heating and Cooling, has taken good care of our furnace and heat pump for more than 20 years and I have faith in their integrity.

Tilly's Gelato and More has the best gelato we have ever eaten (I never used to like gelato) and they even have my favorite flavor, tiramisu. Barbara and Paul fell in love with gelato while visiting her daughter in Melbourne, Australia. They stayed in the Italian district and even ate it for breakfast. I like that kind of eating.

'It was a most amazing experience,' she said with a dreamy look in her eyes. 'We fell in love with it. Paul went online and we both did research on opening our own shop. I had wanted a tearoom for a long time, and so when he remodeled the building we moved into, there was room for my dream too.'

She said she went to San Francisco twice to take classes and learn about the best suppliers with the highest-grade ingredients.

'Coming to work is like having a party everyday. We are so blessed,' she said recently. 'This is our neighborhood and we employ local folks to work with us. Our gelato is made fresh every day and we keep the flavors interesting. I made an orange/pineapple recently and everyone loved it.'

Tilly's Gelato has a rich smooth mouth feel in spite of the fact that it is low to no-fat. All of the flavors are strong enough to make your mouth happy and keep your waist slender, too. Some are milk-based; others are water-based. Some have sugar, others use a sweetener. Try this homey, locally owned eatery soon. It can be found at 12515 N.W. Cornell Road (behind Mike's Auto). Call 503-626-6063 to make your reservations for a Sunday Tea.

It's a great place for neighbors to gather and one group comes in weekly to play cards. The Red Hat Society has already tried it out. They offer tastes of the various flavors before you buy. I love the fruit flavors.

What a wonderful way to liven up Easter dinner with light, colorful, delicious gelato for dessert. Shop early to assure your favorite flavors are available to balance out that heavy ham dinner.