Two women file suit against senior living company


A class action lawsuit has been filed in Multnomah County against River Valley Landing Senior Living and Respite stating that the residential facilities company had promised to provide services to its residents that were never provided.

The lawsuit names 50 residential facilities in Oregon operated by Sunwest Management in Salem. One such facility is located on 65th Avenue in Tualatin.

'This is about broken promises for higher profits,' elder rights attorney Kathryn Stebner siad in a statement released Tuesday.

The lawsuit, which was filed March 22, claims that residents' contracts promise care and services of a certain quality. But Stebner alleges the contract fails to state that the facilities and Sunwest management cannot and do not provide those services. She did not specifically mention what services were not provided.

The lawsuit also charges that the Deer Meadow facility is in violation of state laws governing the operation of residential facilities.

Stebner, an attorney who practices in Oregon and California, filed the suit on behalf of two women - Cathleen Naylor, 81, and Gwen Olmstead, 80 - who are residents at the Sunwest-operated Deer Meadow Assisted Living facility in Sheridan, Ore.

Stebner, who is co-counsel on a similar lawsuit against Sunwest in California, said that up to 60 residents in each Sunwest center in Oregon could put the total number of plaintiffs in the case up to 3,000.

A representative for Sunwest Management did not return calls asking for a comment on the lawsuit.