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Mayor leading Cornelius in wrong direction

Mayor Neal Knight once again has shown that he will stay his agenda, at the cost of the betterment of the City of Cornelius. In voting to fire City Manager Dave Waffle, the City of Cornelius loses a leader with vision, integrity, courage and the ability to keep the city moving forward in a responsible manner.

As a Police Commander for the City of Cornelius, I had an opportunity to witness Dave address some very difficult decisions involving the City's future livability. He always looked to what was best for the city overall and worked hard to address the problems at hand.

If the citizens of Cornelius continue to allow Mayor Knight to continue his agenda I feel that the City will be a quagmire for problems for years to come.

Ed Jensen, Retired Cornelius Police Commander

Perils face pedestrians around campus

Try to enjoy this rare summer like day with a walk around town. Enjoy the 70 degree, sunny day. Just don't try to walk around Pacific University. You will be forced off the sidewalk and possibly even run down if you attempt to walk the perimeter of the school on the public sidewalk. You will encounter a group of golf carts, cutting across the streets, zooming up and down the sidewalk. And if you happen to complain to the police, you will be told, as I was, that Pacific can do this without a problem (but you, Joe Smoe, can't; you can't even ride your bike on the sidewalk).

But we as a city keep giving streets and parks to Pacific. We give whatever the University wants. Just be careful when out walking that you aren't run over by our friends at Pacific.

Frank Wenzl

Forest Grove

Support for cancer care is appreciated

I would like to send out a huge thank you to all those who helped out with my wife, Nancy's, benefit garage sale.

You couldn't miss the big white tent on the corner of 19th and Main. I was told it was the talk of the town and I believe it by the response from all the friends, family and strangers who showed up for the sale.

The sale was such a success, we had people offering to pay more for items they were purchasing and people would even just walk up and want to give donations. I couldn't believe all the support my family was receiving. Thank you, Forest Grove.

Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2009. We thought we won the battle, but in March of this year Nancy became ill and after a check-up the news was not good. The cancer had spread to her liver, spine and, a little later, her lungs. She has just been chosen for a new clinical trial and we are very hopeful.

When our friends and family found out the news, they wanted to help and so they put together this garage sale. I again just want to thank everyone who was involved in any and every way. I greatly appreciate all your hard work and support. Thank you.

Michael O'Rear

Forest Grove

Who 'cares' for teachers

Dear State of Oregon:

Your assignment is to find words within the word 'teachers.'

Use your best cursive and put a space between each word. (Hint: you will not find the words cuts, shortfalls, budget, cost, or increased class size in the word 'teachers.')

T E A C H E R S spells heart, teach, act, here, ache, share, see, cares, cheer, reach, there, react, hear, and search.

All the words are in the right place; now it's time the State of Oregon finds a better way to fund our public schools.

Heidi Herb

Gaston Elementary

Questioning budget choices is appropriate

I would like to thank Nancy Townsley for her article, 'Reaction,' in the June 8 issue of the News-Times.

I was disappointed in the quotes from board member Anna Tavera-Weller: 'We need to all buckle down, go to our state representatives,' and Superintendent Curtis: 'The district tried to keep the cuts away.'

I was disappointed in the published Budget Message from Superintendent Curtis: 'What I really wish I could say is that we do not recommend any reductions. ... We will not be able to balance this budget without reducing our programs.'

These comments imply the public believes that cuts can be avoided. To the contrary, I have never heard anyone suggest these cuts can be avoided.

What is being discussed is trying to understand where the cuts are actually happening.

The comments unfortunately imply that the public is being unreasonable or impracticable in the face of this current budget climate, when in fact the public is unhappy with where the cuts are occurring and many believe that the focus on simply improving our test scores is not the definition of 'education' and helps none of our children.

Quentin Crain

Member, Citizens

Advisory Group

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