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What is it with this town, anyway? The 100th anniversary of Rose Festival, and they can't even come up with a proper grand marshal for the big parade? … Instead they're throwing it out for nominations from the community. … Of course, they could have gone the traditional route and picked someone of note - someone who would have made Portland's annual civic celebration more, rather than less, exciting. But no. … As a recent release from Rose Festival headquarters describes the new approach, community members can 'nominate a family member, neighbor, co-worker or themselves by submitting a 100-word essay on why that individual should be grand marshal.'… Now isn't that special, as the Church Lady used to say.

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The strange case of Terry DeGeorge, the Fairfield Hotel resident who got on the wrong end of a one-sided kicking match with the Portland Fire Bureau, continues to languish in the prosecutor's office. … Fire Commissioner Erik Sten, for one, would like to see the DA's office finish its job so the fire bureau can start its own inquiry into the troubling matter. … Instead, sources say, the DA's office is putting pressure on all parties to settle out of court.

Overheard in a New York post office… Clerk: 'Sir, you need to fill out a customs form for that.' Man: 'What? Why? This is in America.' Clerk: 'Sir, it's North America, but Oregon is not in the U.S.' Man: 'Yes, it is. It's in the Northwest.' Clerk: 'Really? Are you sure? Oh. …' Why, of course it's true. It came straight from a Web site called Overheard in New York. … Buck Munger, former publisher of Two Louies magazine, proudly notes that 'for the first time ever a band calling Portland home has the No. 1 album on Billboard's Top 200 album charts.' … Its name? Modest Mouse, an indie rock group that migrated here several years ago from Issaquah, Wash. … 'Until now, most of Portland's chart toppers' - don't you just love the way these guys talk? - 'have been singles.' … Like 'Santa Monica' by Everclear, which went to No. 1. Or, dare I say it, 'Louie, Louie' by the Kingsmen, which went to No. 2. … I know you wouldn't believe it, but some people actually think I go on too much about great moments in P-town history.

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Brian Ford, owner of the deli Ford's on 5th, may not be among the Old Town business owners completely sold on the current proposal to build a large public restroom in their neighborhood. … At a meeting last week conducted by PHLUSH, the organization behind the plan, Ford asked if the proposed johns might not just become a haven for drug users. Answered one of the women in charge: 'Well, at least we'll get it off the streets.' 'I see,' Ford says. … Before Wednesday night's show at Harvey's Comedy Club gets under way, emcee Ron Osborne advises the audience that the proceedings are being filmed - 'and by being here tonight you agree to allow us to use your image on 'Harvey's Comedy Show,' which will be shown at 9 p.m. Sundays on Channel 14.' … Last week a woman in the front row blurted out, 'But my husband has a warrant out for his arrest!' - then ran out of the club, closely followed by the man in a cowboy hat she'd been sitting next to. … 'I think they were from Molalla,' Osborne says. Say, isn't that ageist or something?

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